Amy Chan – A Chinese porcelain artist who was born and is living in Hong Kong with her husband and son. After resigned from her post as an I/E merchandiser that she had worked for over ten years, she started to look for her interest that she didn’t have time to do in the past. Amy loves all kinds of painting. She then spent a few years learning oil and water color painting with an Australian teacher – Annlise Howes. At the same time, she also took lessons of Chinese brush painting with a Chinese teacher – Grace Chan.


Amy Chan - 是一位土生土長的瓷畫藝術家, 與丈夫及兒子住在香港。自從辭去工作十多年的出入口買手工作後, Amy全心全意投入她的興趣 - 繪畫!在跟隨澳洲老師 Annlise Howes 學習油畫及水彩畫的同時, 亦跟隨中國老師Grace Chan學習國畫。


About 18 years ago, she was being introduced to the wonderful art of Porcelain Painting and then she fell in love with it at once. She started taking lesson in Hong Kong with her teacher Rosemary Oh, who is her neighbor who lived a few doors away.


大約十八年前,她偶然發現了瓷畫,便深深愛上了這門藝術。原來老師Rosemary Oh 就住在咫尺! 所以一學便是幾個年頭 !


In the mid 1999, prior to leaving Hong Kong for an assignment in Australia, Rosemary persuaded Amy to continue her teaching of porcelain painting in Hong Kong.


在1999年中, 老師要離開香港回澳洲。她說服Amy 延續她在香港的瓷畫教學。


Despite being slightly anxious, Amy commenced teaching in March 2000 with classes held at home. In an effort to continue to increase the awareness of this art form, Amy participated in different exhibitions and exposed herself in different media. Her developing reputation and her love in art resulted in an increasing of number of students wishing to join her classes.


雖然有些戰戰兢兢, 但Amy終於在2000年三月在家開始教授瓷畫。為了引起更多人對瓷畫藝術的關注, Amy參加了多項不同的展覽及接受各方傳媒的訪問, 因為感受到Amy對瓷畫的投入及熱誠, 很快就有更多人對瓷畫產生興趣, 同時跟隨Amy學習瓷畫的人也越來越多。


In order to keep up and to learn more painting techniques, Amy read a lot of books and kept on practice daily. To satisfy her learning needs, Amy also attended the following seminars given by the world known international artists who were invited to Hong Kong or she went aboard to attend the seminars organized by different overseas porcelain painting associations.


為了更進一步了解瓷畫及學習更多的繪畫技巧, Amy翻閱不少有關書藉, 每天勤於練習。為了滿足她的學習訢求和把繪畫技巧推向更高層次, Amy不時邀請世界知名的瓷畫導師來港教授和交流心得, 亦會到世界各地向不同的瓷畫家學習取經。




   Francoise Groves-de-Milleret from France ( 1999 in HK )

   Rumi Agawa from Japan ( 2000 in HK )

   Rosemary Oh from Singapore ( 2001 & 2002 in HK )

   Josephine Robinson from Australia ( 2001 & 2005 in HK )

   Alzora Zaremba from USA ( 2001 in New Zealand )

   Peter Faust from Germany ( 2001 in New Zealand )

   David Bailey from England ( 2002 in HK )

   Jan Kellaway from Australia ( 2003 in Sydney )

   Kaye Hurn from New Zealand ( 2004 in HK )

   Andrew Orr from USA ( 2005 in Adelaide & 2007 in Melbourne )

   Hong Duc Thanh from Norway ( 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 in HK )

   Manuel Filipe Pereira from Venezuela ( 2009 in HK )

   Diddy Yeung from Australia ( 2010 in HK )

   Andreas Knobl from Germany ( 2010 & 2011 in HK )

   Hong Duc Thanh from Norway ( 2012 & 2013 in HK )

   Thais Antunes from Brazil (2016 in HK)


In August 2002, a big thank you and a warm hug were dedicated to her loving husband, Johnny and to her son Long Hey. With their great support, Amy was able to open a porcelain painting workshop in Shau Kei Wan which is the unique and the only full equipped porcelain painting school in Hong Kong.


在2002年八月, 在得到丈夫和兒子的大力支持下, Amy在筲箕灣開設了全港唯一一間裝置齊全的瓷畫學校 – 瓷畫坊。


With her hard working and sacrificed her whole time and whole heart in porcelain painting, Amy obtained the follow art qualifications from IPAT and WOCP of USA as well as APAT of Australia.


因為Amy 多年來的全心全意投入以及不斷努力的成果, 她得到了多張由美國 IPAT, WOCP和澳洲APAT發出的瓷畫藝術家及瓷畫教師證書。




   Certified Artist of International Porcelain Artists & Teachers Inc. - USA (IPAT)

   Certified Teacher of International Porcelain Artists & Teachers Inc. – USA (IPAT)

   Certified Teacher of Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers – Australia (APAT)

   Certified Teacher of World Organization of China Painters – USA (WOCP)


Amy is now an experienced teacher. Besides teaching in her own workshop, Amy also conducted classes, workshops and seminars in different schools, private clubs, hospitals, associations as well as private groups etc.


Amy現在是一位資深的瓷畫導師。除了在瓷畫坊教授瓷畫外, 更會被邀請到不到的學校、會所、醫院、社團等不同機構教授瓷畫。


In 2006, Amy was invited to be the guest speaker at The Open University of Hong Kong for a lecture about porcelain painting’s history and painting techniques.


在2006年, Amy還被香港公開大學邀請為客席講師, 講解有關瓷畫的歷史和制作過程。


In 2009, Amy was also invited by the APAT of Australia to give demonstration in Perth during the APAT Exhibition and Convention. Amy’s painting techniques was highly appreciated by many artists who attended her seminar.


在2009年, Amy 亦被邀請到澳洲的伯斯為當年舉辦的 APAT Exhibition and Convention擔任其中一名導師教授一些特別的繪畫技巧, 過程不但得到學生的認同, 效果更大獲好評。


In 2012, Amy was invited by the Trofeo Azzurro of Varese, Italy to give 3 demonstrations in the XII International Convention of Porcelain Painting, Ceramics, Glass and Enamels. Amy did 3 different types of techniques to the artists and the feedback was very good.


在2012年, Amy又再次被邀請到意大利的瓦芮沙為兩年才擧辦一次的第十二屆Trofeo Azzurro International Convention of Porcelain Painting, Ceramics, Glass and Enamels 做三個時段的導師,教受最新的瓷畫製作技巧。來上課的都是一些來自世界各地的畫家。大家一齊研究,氣氛極之愉快。




Guest porcelain painting teacher in :


   Prince of Wales Hospital for cancer patients ( 2005 - 2006 )

   Tun Mun Hospital for EQ Ambassadors Children Foundation ( 2007 )



Conduct porcelain painting seminars for :


   YWCA ( 2000 )

   Hong Kong Police Sports and Recreational Club ( 2004 )

   Rosaryhill School ( 2005 )

   CUMBA Alumni Association (2005 )

   Cosmopolitan Magazine ( 2006 )

   Taiwan porcelain artists ( 2005, 2007 & 2008 )

   譽皇居 Aigburth Club House ( 2006 )

   半島豪庭 Royal Peninsula Club House ( 2006 )

   Me ! Magazine ( 2007 )

   APAT Exhibition & Convention in Perth ( 2009 )

   Deloitte ( 2011 )

   Sogo Club ( 2010, 2011 )

   Rosaryhill School ( 2012-2013)

   CCC Mong Man Wai College (2012-2013)

  The Verandah Repulse Bay (2014)

  1010 Central Flagship shop (2016)

  Sulwhasoo (2016)

  Art and About in Sai Kung (2016)

  Spacio (2016)

  Wedding Expo (2016)

  Art and About in Sai Kung (2016)

  Hidden Tone (2016) 

 1010 Tsim Sha Tsim Flagship shop (2017)

  Pandora Hong Kong (2016)

  DHL Hong Kong (2016)

  Ever Bright Bank (2016)

  Estée Lauder Hong Kong (2016)


  Demonstration in :


   Exhibition in Kwang Hwa Information & Culture Centre ( 2000 )

   Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza for Hong Kong Visual Arts Festival ( 2001 )

   Exhibition in Kwang Hwa Information & Culture Centre (2001 )

   Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza for the 1st Arts & Craft Fair ( 2003 )

   APAT Exhibition and Convention in Perth ( 2009 )

   1st APA Porcelain Painting Exhibition and Convention ( 2010 )

   Trofeo Azzurro XII International Convention of Porcelain Painting. ( 2012 )


Experience in Exhibition :


Organizer of porcelain painting exhibitions for local and international artists in :


   Kwang Hwa Information & Culture Centre in aid of Heart Cancer Children ( 2000 )

   Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Centre in aid of Cancer Centre of Queen Mary Hospital ( 2001 )

   APAT Exhibition and Convention in New Zealand ( 2001 )

   Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza for Hong Kong Visual Arts Festival Arts Fair ( 2001 )

   Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza for the 1st Arts & Craft Fair held by the Hong Kong Government ( 2003 )

   APAT Exhibition & Convention in Sydney ( 2003 )

   Chiu Sheung School ( 2005 )

   Hong Kong City Hall ( 2005 )

   Lee Garden Lobby in aid of Autism Children Foundation ( 2010 )

   Central Library ( 2010 )

   Trofeo Azzurro XII International Convention of Porcelain Painitng in Varese, Italy (2012)

   Hong Kong Cultural Centre (2015)

   1010 Central Flagship shop (2016)

   Spacio (2016)

   Art and About in Sai Kung x 2 (2016)

  Wedding Expo (2016)

  1010 Tim Sha Tsui Flagship shop (2017)



   One of Amy’s artwork is put on permanent display at World Organization of China Painters Museum I Oklahoma City, USA.


In order to introduce and promote this beautiful art form to the public, Amy accepted interviews by different media including the major TV channels, Radio channels, newspapers and magazines throughout these years.


Amy多年來為了向公眾推擴瓷畫藝術, 多次接受不同媒體的訪問, 希望能引起大眾的關注, 令更多人會認識及欣賞瓷畫.




June 2000                     TVB Cultural Plaza

February 2005              TVB Cultural Plaza

March 2005                   TVB Cultural Plaza

April 2005                     TVB New Cultural Corner

September 2005            i-Cable Satellite Television Ltd.

September 2005            East Asia Satellite Television Ltd

November 2005             TVB Cultural Plaza

December 2005             TVB Super Sun Channel

February 2006               TVB DaDaDeDe識多D

February 2009               TVB Cultural Plaza

October 2011                 Yus Broadcasting Ltd

August 2012                  TVB News 週五搜記

March 2016                   TVB 財金導航


On Radio


February 2004               Metro Broadcast Finance

December 2005             Radio Television Hong Kong ( RTHK )
April 2006                      Commercial Radio

September 2006            Metro Showbiz

May 2007                       Commercial Radio 881

January 2008                 Metro Broadcast 997

December 2008             Metro Broadcast 知訊台

November 2016.      RTHK3


In Newspaper


April 2002                      HKBU

February 2004               Hong Kong Economic Times

May 2004                       Sing Tao Daily

November 2004             Oriental Daily News

December 2005             Shing Pao Daily

December 2005             The Sun Newspaper

November 2008             Sing Tao Daily

October 2009                 Oriental Daily News

November 2009             The Sun Newspaper

January 2010                Oriental Daily News

May 2012                      Sharp Daily

August 2012                  Apple Daily

February 2016.              Oriental Daily News

April 2017.                    Hong Kong Economic Times


In Magazines


December 2003             Living Liza

January 2004                Cosmopolitan

February 2004               Ming Pao Weekly

February 2004               Today’s Living

April 2004                      Hong Kong Magazine

April 2004                      2U interior

August 2004                  Today’s Living

July 2005                       Belle

September 2005            Ming Pao Weekly

January 2006                TVB Magazine

December 2006             Me ! Magazine

January 2007                Prime Magazine

October 2012                Sudden Weekly

March  2016                  East Week Magazine

March 2016                   TimeOut Hong Kong Magazine

April 2017                      IPAT Magazine of Australia

April 2017                      East Week Magazine