• Interview with Oriental Daily Newspaper


    November 15, 2004, the reporter of Oriental Daily Newspaper and the photographer pay a visit to my workshop. They would like me to demonstrate some simple porcelain painting for daily usage and as well as for house decoration. I did a coaster and a small tray this time.
    The interview was published on November 22, 2004 on their Leisure page.

  • Interview with Liza Living Magazine

    July 21, 2004, I was again interviewed by the " Lisa Living " magazine. This time, the reporter was interested in my home life and my living style. She came with the photographer on a rainy afternoon. She was very impressed when she saw the painting on the stairways and at once she recognized that the paintings were representing my family.
    The magazine was published on August 06, 2004.

  • Interview with Sing Tao Daily in their Sunday Features

    The reporter of Sing Tao Daily, was interested in my home, my home life as well as my painting. She would like to introduce it into their newspaper on the " Sunday Features " special page. She came on April 21, 2004 with the photographer. It was a sunny afternoon and at once she caught sight of the many crystal collections and also my paintings on the stairways. The interview covered two whole pages and was published on May 16, 2004

  • Interview with Hong Kong Magazine

    April 7, 2004, the first time I was interviewed by a local English Magazine, " Hong Kong Magazine ". The young reporter came to my workshop and found my painting very interesting. Besides talking about the painting, he was very interested if I've balanced my bank book yet.  The magazine was published on April 16, 2004.