• Porcelain painting is an attainable art, a source of joy, an experience of quiet contentment……….
    Through painting on porcelain I have learnt to be patient, to be gentle, to be appreciative………..
    For whatever humble progress I may have made, I am most thankful to my talented teacher Amy for her meticulous guidance and my beautiful niece Louisa for making known to me this world of wonders..

    Peony Leung

  • I never think that I could learn porcelain painting. It seems to be something unreachable. It looks like simple but a lot to learn. The more you learn, the more you will like it. During the process, I could find satisfaction and achievement. It also helps me to rebuild my confident.

    Sandia Leung

  • It’s been a pleasure to be part of Amy’s porcelain painting family. Porcelain painting is itself a beautiful art, it brings along polished fun to our daily lives. To me, it used to be just a painting hanging on the wall. Indeed, it can also be a distinct gift for our beloved, a lovely tea cup for a cozy afternoon, or even a chic tile in the bathroom. Amazingly, anything can be a piece of painted porcelain – your own piece of fine art !

    Sharon Lee

  • Painting on porcelain has been a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. Every project done is highly satisfying and fulfilling. Each piece is unique in its own way and beautiful – a never ending learning process. After all learning from a talented teacher does make all the difference to the art.

    Simran Chugani

  • Doing porcelain painting has enabled me to learn the beauty of art and painting, and allowed me to open my eyes to a broader horizon. It has trained my patience and my hands. I’ve now not only made more friends who share the same interest, but also being enlightened in many more areas in life by sharing interesting views and conversations with fellow painters. Happy Painting !

    Vicky Yeo

  • Porcelain painting inspires me to be creative due to different shapes and sizes of the product. The painting needs to bring out the unique characteristics of the porcelain and make both the painting and the product look outstanding. A blend of colours and designs on pure white porcelain is quite challenging and I find each painting worth admiring, time and time again.

    Vinita Mehta

  • Porcelain painting, a special art that nurtures your patience, observation, creativity, attentiveness and imagination.


    Winnie Ying

  • I discovered porcelain painting by chance. When I went to bazaar in the Conrad Hotel more than two years ago, I was amazed with the porcelain painting that Amy exhibited and then I decided to learn and have enjoyed it immensely ever since. Especially if I can use my porcelain painting practically in everyday life.

    Yolanda Brannan

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