• Interview with Apple Daily

    This interview was done on August  21, 2012 in my Porcelain Painting Workshop. The article was published on August 27, 2012 on Apple Daily - Big Spender page. The theme of this interview was about the happiness of art sharing and the interest of doing porcelain painting. It also involved some of my students opinion of why they choose to do this beautiful art.

  • Interview with TVB 周五搜記

    The interview was published tonight at 11:30 after the News roundup. Although the interview was just a few minutes, I received a lot of supports from my students, friends and even some ladies that I dont know, wrote me emails and ask me about the class and also some questions about porcelain painting.

    Thank you TVB for giving me an opportunity to introduce Porcelain Painting to the public.

  • Interviewed with TVB News

    I was interviewed by TVB NEWS today in my Porcelain Painting Workshop. I have been interviewed by TVB a few times before in their cultural program. This was the first time porcelain painting will appeared in the NEWS program.

    During our conversation, we knew that the very charming reporter, Miss Yuki Law and the photographer were very artistic and love art too.

    The photographer took shots of my students while they were painting and I have introduced the history and painting process of this beautiful art form.

    The interview will be published on August 03, 2012 at 11:00pm at TVB Jade Channel after the News roundup call 「週五搜記」.

  • Interview with Sharp Daily on May 22, 2012

    The interview was done by Sharp Daily. Inorder to promote porcelain painting. I have given the newspaper's reader a special price to try out this wonderful art.