Amy Chan – A Chinese porcelain artist who was born and is living in Hong Kong with her husband and son. After resigned from her post as an I/E merchandiser that she had worked for over ten years, she started to look for her interest that she didn’t have time to do in the past. Amy loves all kinds of painting. She then spent a few years learning oil and water color painting with an Australian teacher – Annlise Howes. At the same time, she also took lessons of Chinese brush painting with a Chinese teacher – Grace Chan.

Amy Chan - 是一位土生土長的瓷畫藝術家,與丈夫及兒子住在香港。自從辭去工作十多年的出入口買手工作後,Amy全心全意投入她的興趣 - 繪畫!在跟隨澳洲老師 Annlise Howes 學習油畫及水彩畫的同時,亦跟隨中國老師Grace Chan學習國畫。

About 18 years ago, she was being introduced to the wonderful art of Porcelain Painting and then she fell in love with it at once. She started taking lesson in Hong Kong with her teacher Rosemary Oh, who is her neighbor who lived a few doors away.

In the mid 1999, prior to leaving Hong Kong for an assignment in Australia, Rosemary persuaded Amy to continue her teaching of porcelain painting in Hong Kong.


Despite being slightly anxious, Amy commenced teaching in March 2000 with classes held at home. In an effort to continue to increase the awareness of this art form, Amy participated in different exhibitions and exposed herself in different media. Her developing reputation and her love in art resulted in an increasing of number of students wishing to join her classes.


In order to keep up and to learn more painting techniques, Amy read a lot of books and kept on practice daily. To satisfy her learning needs, Amy also attended the following seminars given by the world known international artists who were invited to Hong Kong or she went aboard to attend the seminars organized by different overseas porcelain painting associations.


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