• Aplus 510 Yus Broadcasting Ltd.

    October 14, 2011, I was invited to have an interview with Aplus 510, Yus Broadcasting Ltd. ( 香港娛視廣播有限公司,優質生活台). I have brought with me about 10 pieces of porcelain painting and some colors and tools for introduction. When the crew saw the art pieces, they could not believe that they are all hand painted. A lot of questions such as how to paint ; how to fire; how to make the colors etc were raised and discussed.

    During the interview, the two hosts, Hin and Cool were very friendly and have asked a lot of informative questions and I do hope that more people may have learn some facts and get known to this beautiful art.

    Just download the apps of " Aplus " and can see this interview. Time to be confirmed later.

  • Interview with RTHK

    In December 31, 2005, I was invited by the, Radio Television Hong Kong ( RTHK ) for an interview on air in their Putonghua Channel from 2:00p.m. to 3:00p.m.

    There were three hosts this time, Mr. Vincent Hung, Miss Betty Ma and Miss. Peony Tam. During the interview, we talked about the path I step into the field of Porcelain Painting. The process of painting, the risk we might have during firing. We also talked about my family, how they support me. We also talked about the finance and the risk that I might have while opening the workshop, and also the problem that I might have during all these years running the workshop etc.

    It was fun sharing my experience with the audiences through the air.

  • Interview with TVB Super Sun Channel

    In December 22, 2005, I was invited by Television Broadcasts Limited ( TVB  ) Super Sun Channel to introduce Porcelain Painting in their program. During the show, I have introduced different types of painting techniques.  The host of the program, Miss Ma tried to do a small painting on a box with me during the show time.
    The program was broadcast on January 6, 2006 at the Health Channel at 10:00p.m and also on January 9, 2006 at 12:00 noon and 3:00p.m.

  • Interview with TVB Magazine

    In December 15, 2005,  TVB Weekly have organized their artist, Miss Lau Chek Kei to come to my workshop for a porcelain painting try out. Although this was her very first time, she showed her great interest and painting talent in doing the porcelain painting. She chose the very bright and happy colours for the wedding plate and was very patient while doing it. She has completed the first layer for firing. She also did a beautiful lustre jewellery box demonstration for the magazine.
    The interview was published on December 27, 2005, issue 446.