• Interview with 2U Magazine

    February 20, 2004, I was interviewed by the reporter of " 2U " magazine. Since this is a magazine about Interior design, I intended to do something that match with the topic. So I demonstrated how to paint the toilet tiles with simple patterns for the new home. The reporter was surprised with the result of the two 6" x 6" tiles although the procedures were so easy and fast. The magazine was published on April 15, 2004.

  • Interview with Metro Broadcast Finance

    After several interviews with the Editors and reporters of local magazines and newspaper that were done in my workshop, this was the first time that I was invited by the Metro Broadcast Finance to talk about porcelain painting through radio. This was really fun and exciting as I have to chat with the two hosts, Karen and Frank. They have to describe what my painting looked like to the audience. The interview was broadcasted on February 19, 2004 at night time.

  • Interview with Ming Pao Weekly

    The Reporter of the Ming Pao Weekly was a young guy. He came to my workshop to interview me on February 16, 2004. He could hardly believe that I could paint all those plates with different colors and textures. We chatted freely and talked about the history of Porcelain Painting. He was shocked when I told him that this fine art was originally from China. The magazine was published on February 28, 2004.

  • Interview with Cosmopolitan

    Cosmopolitan was another local magazine who interviewed me on January 26, 2004. The Reporter, at the same time, the photographer, took lot of photos of the display in my workshop. She was very interested in how to paint the plate and I did a soft painting of flower to show her the procedures. She wanted to learn at once. The magazine was published on February 27, 2004.