• Porcelain painting is an attainable art, a source of joy, an experience of quiet contentment………
    Through painting on porcelain I have learnt to be patient, to be gentle, to be appreciative………
    For whatever humble progress I may have made, I am most thankful to my talented teacher Amy for her meticulous guidance and my beautiful niece Louisa for making known to me this world of wonders..

    ─── Peony Leung
  • I never think that I could learn porcelain painting. It seems to be something unreachable. It looks like simple but a lot to learn. The more you learn, the more you will like it. During the process, I could find satisfaction and achievement. It also helps me to rebuild my confident.

    ─── Sandia Leung
  • It’s been a pleasure to be part of Amy’s porcelain painting family. Porcelain painting is itself a beautiful art, it brings along polished fun to our daily lives. To me, it used to be just a painting hanging on the wall. Indeed, it can also be a distinct gift for our beloved, a lovely tea cup for a cozy afternoon, or even a chic tile in the bathroom. Amazingly, anything can be a piece of painted porcelain – your own piece of fine art !

    ─── Sharon Lee
  • Painting on porcelain has been a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. Every project done is highly satisfying and fulfilling. Each piece is unique in its own way and beautiful – a never ending learning process. After all learning from a talented teacher does make all the difference to the art.

    ─── Simran Chugani